The system Kybos Operating Room, designed starting from a detailed analysis of the needs and of the risks, can achieve an efficient coordination among all the parts of the system.




The operating block is a high-tech, constantly evolving system, with all the requirements necessary to protect staff and patients during their activities. The system has a modular and flexible structure, integrated with the mechanical and electrical installations, which allows maintaining high efficiency in terms of reducing the risk of contamination and less waste of resources.
The shift from product to an integrated system ensures:
- a level of air cleanliness and configuration of surfaces suitable for ISO certifiable environments;
- the possibility of having open space operating rooms;
- the possibility of realizing hybrid operating rooms;
- a safe, ergonomic and humanized environment;
- the ability to develop or modify the structure, with the insertion and replacement of new equipment;
- easy management through the use of ordinary surfaces and components suitable for sanitizing;
- a greater ease of maintenance thanks to a structure which facilitates the inspection operations;
- the optimization and diversification of installations and the structural configuration according to the different rooms of the operating block;
- the ability of customizing environments with different colors, textures and lighting.

Partition and doors


The partitions are made with a metal structure made of galvanized steel, provided with slotted holes for the application of the covering panels. Thanks to the hooks of which they are provided, the single panels can be individually removed to allow inspection of facilities behind.

The access doors to the rooms (manual or automatic) are sealed on all four sides. The door in the automatic version is controlled by a control unit with a specific software that controls the various stages of opening and closing, providing the necessary security.

A special pre-assembled channeling and integrated into the system, allows quick installation and maintenance.

The stopwatch clock double dial is housed into the partition. It features a steel mold, treated with epoxy resin and, in the front part, of a steel frame that adheres to the surface of the partition to get the coplanarity.

The terminal units (UNI / AFNORM) are in the intermediate bands within a stainless steel framework that allows periodic and extraordinary maintenance.

In the intermediate bands are accommodated electrical outlets SCHUKO 10/16 A and equipotential nodes. The band is housed in a stainless steel panel fixed on the structure to allows periodic and extraordinary maintenance.

The passboxes modules, completely stainless steel, are integrated in the partition and keep the coplanarity of the surface of the partitions. All the openings and balancing elements are embedded, so that they are invisible.

The closet modules, integrated with the partition, are made of stainless steel 18/10 AISI 30 and ensures the coplanarity of the surfaces. They can be supplied with double, solid or glazed doors, with sealed rubber dust profile. The lock, if required, is made with a removable key. The interior is designed to accommodate shelves, supporting frames, baskets and sterile containers. The cabinets can be supplied also in the pass-through version with interlocking doors.

False Celing


The airtight ceiling (made of anodized or painted aluminum), designed for controlled contamination rooms, has a modular structure that facilitates the changes and allows the installation of each type of air system and lighting. The perimeter that connects the partition to the ceiling has a curved shape to facilitate sanitation of the rooms and specific spring that guarantee the stability of the panels from the pressure of air.

The panels filter, realized with absolute diffusing filters, allow to get a unidirectional air flow on the surgical area. The system is fully integrated and planar with the modular panels of the tight ceiling, and allows a continuous washing of the operating area, while ensuring a high level of environmental comfort for the surgical team.

Integrated System


The risks to which people are exposed, in the operating block, are many: physical discomfort caused by inadequate microclimate parameters; intoxication resulting from the dispersion in the environment of hazardous toxic gases and vapors; bacterial infections caused by environmental contamination of microorganisms. An in-depth risk assessment, achieved through a complete and comprehensive analysis of the clinical process, allows the integration between the layout of the operating block, the structure and the systems. For this purpose, various standards have been published for the sub-operators, in particular the Guidelines on the standards of safety and hygiene in the operating department in 2009 and the UNI 11425:2011 Ventilation and air conditioning controlled contamination (VCCC) for the operating block - design, installation, commissioning, qualification, management and maintenance.

A not efficient ventilation, combined with an inadequate filtration and poor maintenance of the system, are the primarily responsible for the poor air quality. It is important to have proper design and construction of air conditioning and air distribution installations in the operating room to achieve a standard of appropriate environmental comfort and proper control of the concentration of contaminants. The level of contamination increases with the progress of activities. Patients and the operating team are the main source of bacterial contamination.

The Italian and European regulations indicate the minimum level of air cleanliness in critical areas of the operating room and in the process of intervention referring to ISO classes. The operating room is a controlled contamination environment where it is necessary to permanently ensure a class ISO 5 level of cleanliness.
The best result is obtained when installations, finishing materials and structural elements arise from a single design experience that has as its goal the design and implementation of a surgical unit ideal in terms of functional and regulatory environment.



Kybos, if required, manages and provides specific equipment for all types of surgery, such as mobile operating tables, surgical lamps ceiling pendant systems, monitors and cameras for the filming of the interventions, even for educational purposes in real time. It is also possible to integrate into the system Kybos software for the management of facilities, maintenance, equipment and for the rotation of the interventions in the operating room.
Our offer:
- IT solutions for integrated operatoring blocks;
- surgical and examination lights;
- units of service suspended ceiling;
- ceiling technical beams;
- monitor for operating rooms;
- videocam for operating rooms;
- universal and specialized;
- operating tables;
- airlock.

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